Love's On Our Side - Jerry Knight

Stock Number
SP 4877
SP 04878-A/B
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album, cassette album.
Released: 1983-1 -11
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 She's Got to Be (a Dancer) 00:05:09
2 I'm Down For That 00:03:53
3 Nothing Can Hold Us Back 00:03:42
4 Brand New Fool 00:03:59
5 Fire 00:05:01
6 Beautiful 00:03:16
7 Do It All For You 00:04:05
8 Do You Really Mean It? 00:05:26
Credit Sort descending Role
Barney Perkins engineer
Barney Perkins mix
Bernie Grundman mastering
Byron Clark producer
Cliff Goldsmith hand claps
David Crawford arranger
Dee Dee hand claps
Don Myrick
Fred Wesley horn arrangement
Freddie Washington
Greg Moore
Ian Underwood
James Gadson drums
James Ingram background vocal
James Ingram hand claps
James Ingram piano
Jerry Knight background vocal
Jerry Knight bass
Jerry Knight guitar
Jerry Knight hand claps
Jerry Knight piano
Jerry Knight producer
Jerry Knight synthesizer
Jerry Knight vocal
Larry Tolbert
Leon Haywood hand claps
Leon Haywood horn arrangement
Leon Haywood producer
Michael McGloiry guitar
Myles Steiner
Ollie Brown
Philip Perry background vocal
Philip Perry hand claps
Phillip Ingram background vocal
Rene Moore
Richie Cason hand claps
Tirza Thibodeaux hand claps

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