Jools Holland and His Millionaires - Jools Holland

Stock Number
SP 70602
I.R.S. Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1981
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Like I Do It to You 00:03:00
2 Goodbye World 00:03:20
3 Dynaflow 00:02:12
4 Waiting Game 00:03:08
5 Let Me In 00:02:58
6 Pineapple Chunk 00:03:36
7 One More Time 00:02:59
8 Much More Hope Than Me 00:04:00
9 When I'm Through 00:03:20
10 Glad You've Gone 00:03:40
11 First Drink Of the Day 00:03:03
Credit Sort descending Role
Glyn Johns engineer
Glyn Johns producer
Ian Wright calligraphy
John Lay guitar
Jools Holland keyboards
Jools Holland vocal
Kim Lesley
Martin Deegan drums
Martin Deegan percussion
Maz Roberts
Michael Ross art direction
Mike Paice harp
Mike Paice sax
Paul Cox photography
Pete Wingfield producer
Pino Palladino bass
Pino Palladino guitar
Pino Palladino vocal
Tim Renwick guitar

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