Recording Years / Label
1973 -  Sweet Plum
1973 -  Les Disques Fleur
Name Member Years Instruments
Martin Swerdlow 1973 keyboards, synthesizer, vocal
Philip Acker 1973 bass
Daniel Hutchinson 1973 drums
Mark Bajona 1973 guitar
Guida Bassa 1973 horns
Moe Koffman 1973 horns
Christine Williams 1973 vocal
Rick Elger 1973 harmonica, vocal
Name Birth Death
Martin Swerdlow
Philip Acker
Daniel Hutchinson
Mark Bajona
Guida Bassa
Moe Koffman 1928-12-28 2001-03-28
Christine Williams
Rick Elger
Name See associated acts
Moe Koffman Mel Torme, Rob McConnell and the Boss Brass

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