Mass formed in 1981 and signed with A&M Records in 1982. The group had a recording budget of $175,000 for its debut album. Unfortunately, the band's manager had conflicts with the band and the record label. A&M told Mass to get new management or their album would not be released. The band took the manager to court and in protracted process, A&M decided not to release the album and dropped Mass as an artist. Mass founder Louis St. August told Cross Rhythms,  "When we were signed to the bigger labels like A&M and RCA they treated the band very well and we loved being on those labels. It was just unfortunate that we weren't able to stay at one label for a significant amount of time to establish a good solid foundation with them. We simply ran into situations that were totally out of our control."


Mass: The Boston-Based Purveyors of Pure Melodic Hard Rock. Tony Cummings. Cross Rhythms website, May 20, 2011.

Recording Years / Label
1982 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Gene D'Itria 1982 guitar
Joey Vadala 1982 drums
Kevin Varrio 1982 bass
Louis St. August 1982 vocals
Name Birth Death
Gene D'Itria
Joey Vadala
Kevin Varrio
Louis St. August

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