Portland, OR performed 77 concerts worldwide while associated with A&M Records. You can’t sort the list by city, concert venue or date.
Location Venue Date Sort ascending
Portland, OR Paramount Theatre 1973-4-13
Los Angeles, CA Santa Monica Civic Center 1973-2-18
Los Angeles, CA Troubadour 1973-5-17
Vancouver, Canada Egress Club 1973-4-17
Boulder, CO Tulagi's 1973-2-17
Los Angeles, CA Troubadour 1973-5-16
Boulder, CO Tulagi's 1973-2-16
Los Angeles, CA Troubadour 1973-5-15
Boulder, CO Tulagi's 1973-2-15
Seattle, WA Paramount Theatre 1973-4-14
Boulder, CO Tulagi's 1973-2-14
Norfolk, VA Scope 1973-3-18
Boulder, CO Tulagi's 1973-2-13
Austin, TX Castle Creek 1973-4-1
Worcester, England The Night Gallery 1973-2-5
Worcester, England The Night Gallery 1973-2-6
Worcester, England The Night Gallery 1973-2-7
Worcester, England The Night Gallery 1973-2-8
Worcester, England The Night Gallery 1973-2-9
Worcester, England The Night Gallery 1973-2-10
Worcester, England The Night Gallery 1973-2-11
Boulder, CO Tulagi's 1973-2-12
San Francisco, CA Boarding House 1973-5-23
Austin, TX Castle Creek 1973-3-31
Austin, TX Castle Creek 1973-3-30
Austin, TX Castle Creek 1973-3-29
Austin, TX Castle Creek 1973-3-28
San Francisco, CA Boarding House 1973-5-27
Austin, TX Castle Creek 1973-3-27
San Francisco, CA Boarding House 1973-5-26
San Francisco, CA Boarding House 1973-5-25
San Francisco, CA Boarding House 1973-5-24
Cincinnati, OH Cincinnati Gardens 1973-3-24
San Francisco, CA Boarding House 1973-5-22
Memphis, TN Mid-South Coliseum 1973-3-22
Vancouver, Canada Egress Club 1973-4-21
Los Angeles, CA Troubadour 1973-5-20
Vancouver, Canada Egress Club 1973-4-20
Los Angeles, CA Troubadour 1973-5-19
Vancouver, Canada Egress Club 1973-4-19
Los Angeles, CA Troubadour 1973-5-18
Vancouver, Canada Egress Club 1973-4-18
Los Angeles, CA Coliseum 1972-11-25
San Jose, CA San Jose State University 1972-4-22
Los Angeles, CA Whisky-a-Go-Go 1972-11-1
Los Angeles, CA Whisky-a-Go-Go 1972-11-2
Los Angeles, CA Whisky-a-Go-Go 1972-11-3
Los Angeles, CA Whisky-a-Go-Go 1972-11-4
Los Angeles, CA Whisky-a-Go-Go 1972-4-5
San Francisco, CA 1972-5-5
Los Angeles, CA Whisky-a-Go-Go 1972-11-5
Los Angeles, CA Whisky-a-Go-Go 1972-4-6
Los Angeles, CA Whisky-a-Go-Go 1972-4-7
Berkeley, CA Keystone 1972-9-7
Los Angeles, CA Whisky-a-Go-Go 1972-4-8
Berkeley, CA Keystone 1972-9-8
Berkeley, CA Keystone 1972-11-10
New York, NY Carnegie Hall 1972-10-25
New York, NY Central Park 1972-7-17
Los Angeles, CA Whisky-a-Go-Go 1972-7-15
San Francisco, CA 1972-4-15
Los Angeles, CA Whisky-a-Go-Go 1972-7-14
Los Angeles, CA Whisky-a-Go-Go 1972-7-13
Berkeley, CA Keystone 1972-11-12
Los Angeles, CA Whisky-a-Go-Go 1972-7-12
Berkeley, CA Keystone 1972-11-11
Berkeley, CA Keystone 1972-8-11
Cherry Hill, NJ Latin Casino 1972-7-11
Berkeley, CA Keystone 1972-8-10
Los Angeles, CA 1971-11-30
Los Angeles, CA 1971-12-5
Los Angeles, CA 1971-12-4
Los Angeles, CA 1971-12-3
Los Angeles, CA 1971-12-2
Los Angeles, CA 1971-12-1
Los Angeles, CA Forum 1970-11-28
Monterey, CA 1970-10-3