The Best Of the Move - Move

Stock Number
SP 3625
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Recording Notes
Early ELO
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Yellow Rainbow 00:02:35
2 Kilroy Was Here 00:02:43
3 Lemon Tree (Here We Go Round the) 00:03:00
4 Weekend 00:01:46
5 Walk Upon the Water 00:03:24
6 Flowers in the Rain 00:02:29
7 Hey Grandma 00:03:12
8 Useless Information 00:02:58
9 Zing Went the Strings Of My Heart 00:02:49
10 The Girl Outside 00:02:54
11 Fire Brigade 00:02:24
12 Mist on a Monday Morning 00:02:31
13 Cherry Blossom Clinic 00:02:31
14 Night Of Fear 00:02:15
15 Disturbance 00:02:48
16 I Can Hear the Grass Grow 00:03:07
17 Wave Your Flag and Stop the Train 00:02:56
18 Something 00:03:12
19 Omnibus 00:04:00
20 Wild Tiger Woman 00:02:40
21 Blackberry Way 00:03:43
22 Curly 00:02:43
23 This Time Tomorrow 00:03:42
24 Lightning Never Strikes Twice 00:03:11
25 Brontosaurus 00:04:30
Credit Sort descending Role
Ace Kefford bass
Ace Kefford guitar
Ace Kefford vocal
Bev Bevan drums
Bev Bevan liner notes
Bev Bevan vocal
Bob Garcia coordination
Carl Wayne bass
Denny Cordell producer
Frank DeLuna remastering
Jeff Lynne guitar
Jeff Lynne piano
Jeff Lynne vocal
Jim Bickhart coordination
Jim Bickhart liner notes
Jimmy Miller producer
Mike Hurst producer
Rick Price bass
Rick Price vocal
Roland Young art direction
Roy Wood guitar
Roy Wood producer
Roy Wood vocal
Trevor Burton bass
Trevor Burton guitar
Trevor Burton vocal

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