The Fool Circle - Nazareth

Stock Number
SP 4844
A&M Records
vinyl album, cassette album.
Released: 1980
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Dressed to Kill 00:03:31
2 Another Year 00:03:29
3 Moonlight Eyes 00:03:34
4 Pop the Silo 00:03:18
5 Let Me Be Your Leader 00:03:49
6 We Are the People 00:03:34
7 Every Young Man's Dream 00:03:18
8 Little Part Of You 00:03:28
9 Cocaine 00:04:34
10 Victoria 00:03:20
Credit Sort descending Role
Alan Schmidt design
Anthony George assistant engineer
Carolita Daley coordination
Chris Moore illustration
Dan McCafferty vocal
Darrell Sweet drums
Darrell Sweet percussion
Jeffrey Baxter producer
Jeffrey Baxter synthesizer
Jeffrey Baxter vocoder
John Locke chimes
John Locke keyboards
Manny Charlton guitar
Pat Carroll design
Pete Agnew bass
Pete Agnew vocal
Steve Jackson production assistant

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