2XS - Nazareth

Stock Number
SP 4901
A&M Records
vinyl album, cassette album.
Released: 1982
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Love Leads to Madness 00:04:04
2 Boys In the Band 00:03:04
3 You Love Another 00:03:56
4 Gatecrash 00:03:19
5 Games 00:04:47
6 Back to the Trenches 00:03:59
7 Dream On 00:03:24
8 Lonely In the Night 00:04:22
9 Preservation 00:04:00
10 Take the Rap 00:02:40
11 Mexico 00:02:50
Credit Sort descending Role
Aaron Rapoport photography
Billy Rankin background vocal
Billy Rankin guitar
Dan McCafferty vocal
Darrell Sweet background vocal
Darrell Sweet drums
Darrell Sweet percussion
Frank DeLuna mastering
Jeff Ayeroff art direction
John Locke keyboards
John Punter mix
John Punter producer
Manny Charlton guitar
Marv Bornstein EQ
Mick Haggarty art direction
Mick Haggarty design
Pete Agnew background vocal
Pete Agnew bass
Timothy Eames design

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