Expect No Mercy - Nazareth

Stock Number
75021 3343
A&M Records
United States
CD album, cassette album.
Released: 1990
Recording Notes
Reissue of SP 4666.
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Busted 00:03:38
2 All the King's Horses 00:04:20
3 Expect No Mercy 00:03:24
4 Gone Dead Train 00:03:42
5 Gimme What's Mine 00:03:42
6 New York Broken Toy 00:03:36
7 Revenge Is Sweet 00:03:04
8 Place In Your Heart 00:02:58
9 Kentucky Fried Blues 00:03:20
10 Shot Me Down 00:03:31
Credit Sort descending Role
Bill Sosin photography
Dan McCafferty vocal
Darrell Sweet drums
Ed Rottinger photography
Frank Frazetta painting
Manny Charlton guitar
Manny Charlton producer
Nick Blagona engineer
Pete Agnew bass
Smart Art sleeve

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