Mitakuye Oyasin Oyasin/All My Relations - Neville Brothers

Stock Number
POCM 1159
A&M Records
CD single.
Released: 1996-5 -22
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Love Spoken Here 00:04:29
2 The Sound 00:04:25
3 Holy Spirit 00:04:41
4 Soul to Soul 00:04:47
5 Whatever You Do 00:04:41
6 Saved by the Grace Of Your Love 00:03:38
7 You're Gonna Make Your Momma Cry 00:04:06
8 Fire on the Mountain 00:04:59
9 Ain't No Sunshine 00:03:43
10 Orisha Dance 00:04:19
11 Sacred Ground 00:04:50
Credit Sort descending Role
Aaron Neville background vocal
Aaron Neville vocal
Alonzo McAlpine percussion
Art Neville background vocal
Art Neville keyboards
Art Neville organ
Art Neville vocal
Bob Ludwig mastering
Carlos Martinez percussion
Charles Neville flute
Charles Neville percussion
Charles Neville sax
Craig White assistant engineer
Cyril Neville background vocal
Cyril Neville keyboards
Cyril Neville percussion
Cyril Neville vocal
Dane Wilson background vocal
Doug Rich production assistant
Earl Smith background vocal
Eric Kolb keyboards
Eric Struthers guitar
Gaynielle Neville background vocal
James Stroud percussion
James Stroud producer
Jason Neville vocal
Julian King engineer
Julian King mix
Kristen Neville clarinet
Lyrica Neville vocal
Mark Hagen assistant engineer
Neville Brothers producer
Nick Daniels, III background vocal
Nick Daniels, III bass
Omari Neville vocal
Ricky Cobble assistant engineer
Sean Tauzier assistant engineer
Terry Manuel background vocal
Terry Manuel keyboards
Willie Green drums
Yadonna Wise background vocal

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