Neville Brothers Discography

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20th Century Masters the Millennium Collection

3 CD Box Set

A Change Is Gonna Come

A Change Is Gonna Come/My Blood

A Change Is Gonna Come/Sister Rosa

A Change Is Gonna Come/The Christmas Song/People Say/Tell It Like It Is/Yellow Moon/Shake Your Tambourine

A Change Is Gonna Come/Wake Up

A Change Is Gonna Come/Wake Up/Sister Rosa

A Change Is Gonna Come/With God On Our Side

A Taste Of the Family Groove

Ain't No Sunshine

Authorized Bootleg Warfield Theatre San Francisco Feb. 27, 1989)

Best Of

Bird On a Wire

Bird On a Wire/Mona Lisa

Bird On a Wire/Mona Lisa/Black Diamond Pearl

Bird On a Wire/Yellow Moon/Healing Chant

Bird On a Wire/Yellow Moon/Wake Up

Brother's Keeper

Congo Square/Yellow Moon

Evolution Of the Groove 1981 to Now

Family Groove


Fearless/A Change Is Gonna Come/Shake Your Tambourine

Fearless/Shake Your Tambourine

Fire and Brimstone

Fire and Brimstone/With God On Our Side

Fire On the Mountain

Fire On the Mountain/You're Gonna Make Your Mamma Cry

Fiyo On the Bayou

Fiyo On the Bayou/Yellow Moon

Fiyo On the Bayou/Yellow Moon/Family Groove

Fly Like An Eagle


Greatest Hits

Live On Planet Earth


Mitakuye Oyasin Oyasin/All My Relations

Mona Lisa

Mystery Train

On the Other Side Of Paradise

On the Other Side Of Paradise/Brother Jake/Healing Chant

One More Day

One More Day/Saxafunk

One More Day/Saxafunk/Wild Injuns

River Of Life

River Of Life/Tell It Like It Is

River Of Life/Tell It Like It Is/Sister Rosa

River Of Life/Witness

Selections From the Neville Brothers Family Groove

Sister Rosa

Sister Rosa/A Change Is Gonna Come

Sister Rosa/Voodoo

Sitting In Limbo

Sitting In Limbo/Brother John-Iko Iko

Sitting In Limbo/Brother John/Iko Iko

Sons and Daughters

Sweet Honey Dripper/Brother John-Iko

Take Me to Heart

Taken From the A&M Album Mitakuye Oyasin Oyasin

Uptown Rulin'--the Best Of Neville Brothers

With God On Our Side

With God On Our Side/Voodoo

Yellow Moon

Yellow Moon/Healing Chant

Yellow Moon/The Ten Commandments Of Love

Yellow Moon/With God On Our Side