The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Original Cast

Stock Number
SP 77031
Ode Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1975
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Science Fiction/Double Feature 00:04:30
2 Dammit Janet 00:02:51
3 Over at the Frankenstein Place 00:02:37
4 The Time Warp 00:03:15
5 Sweet Transvestite 00:03:21
6 I Can Make You a Man 00:02:07
7 Hot Patootie - Bless My Soul 00:03:00
8 I Can Make You a Man: Reprise 00:01:44
9 Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me 00:02:27
10 Eddie 00:02:44
11 Floor Show 00:02:46
12 Fanfare/Don't Dream It 00:03:34
13 Wild and Untamed Thing 00:01:53
14 I'm Going Home 00:02:48
15 Super Heroes 00:02:45
16 Science Fiction/Double Feature: Reprise 00:01:26
Credit Sort descending Role
Abigale Haness vocal
Barry Bostwick vocal
Bill Miller vocal
Boni Enten vocal
Bruce Scott vocal
Charles Gray vocal
D’Vaughn Pershing keyboards
Danny Kortchmar guitar
David Foster keyboards
David Wintour bass
Dean Parks guitar
Des Strobel design
Gary Coleman percussion
Graham Jarvis vocal
Gull Graphics design
Hal Blaine drums
Hank Cicalo engineer
Ian Blair guitar
James Horn horns
Jamie Donnelly vocal
Joe Osborn bass
John Bundrick keyboards
John Pasche design
Jonathan Adams vocal
Keith Grant mix
Kim Milford vocal
Larry Knechtel keyboards
Little Nell vocal
Lou Adler producer
Meat Loaf vocal
Michael English illustration
Mick Rock photography
Ode Visuals art direction
Patricia Quinn vocal
Peter Hinwood vocal
Phil Chapman mix
Phil Kenzie sax
Richard Fegley photography
Richard Hartley arranger
Richard Hartley director
Richard Hartley keyboards
Richard Hartley producer
Richard O’Brien vocal
Steve Madaio horns
Susan Sarandon vocal
Tim Curry vocal
Tom Tedesco guitar
Transylvanians vocal
Trevor Lawrence horns

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