"Sunshine Girl" was written by Murray MacLeod, Jerry Riopelle and Smokey Roberds. It was a demo the song that got them signed with A&M Records. 

Sunshine Girl
This Old Melody
Murray MacLeod
Earl Palmer, Jr.
Carol Kaye
Jim Messina
Lyle Ritz
M. R. Pohlman
Michel Rubini
Gene Estes

"Sunshine Girl" became a Top 20 hit on Billboard. They spent most of 1967 recording with and A&M released five singles. In February 1968 "Radio Song" charted briefly but falied to make Billboard's Hot 100 chart.

"Laughin' Lady" and "You Can Fly" were recorded at Wally Heider's Sound Recorders on May 10, 1968. Later in the year, without a strong follow-up single to "Sunshine Girl," A&M elected not to release The Parade's self-titled debut album dropped The Parade from its artist roster. A&M may have also thought that the group's members were being stretched too thin as Murray was simultaneously recording for A&M with Roger Nichols, both the Trio and the Small Circle of Friends; Smokey had a recording contract with another record label; Stuart Margolin became a well-known character actor, and Jerry went on to a successful solo career.

The Parade album remained unreleased until the early 1990s when it came out on compact disc through A&M in Japan. 

Recording Years / Label
1967-1968 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Jerry Riopelle 1967-1968 piano, guitar, vocal
Murray MacLeod 1967-1968 vocals
Smokey Roberds 1967-1968 vocals
Stuart Margolin 1967-1968 vocals
Name Birth Death
Jerry Riopelle 1941-05-05 2018-12-24
Murray MacLeod 1940-09-09
Smokey Roberds
Stuart Margolin 1940-01-31
Name See associated acts
Jerry Riopelle Travel AgencyStuffin'
Murray MacLeod Roger Nichols TrioRoger Nichols & the Small Circle of Friends

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