Paul Desmond Quartet

Paul Desmond Quartet is a reissue.


Paul Desmond Quartet Live New Music On A&M Records

Recording Years / Label
Name Member Years Instruments
Paul Desmond 1976 alto sax
Norman Bates bass
Joe Dodge drums
Don Elliott trumpet
Ed Bickert 1976 guitar
Don Thompson 1976 bass
Jerry Fuller 1976 drums
Name Birth Death
Paul Desmond 1924-11-25 1977-05-30
Norman Bates 1927-08-26 2004-01-29
Joe Dodge 1922-02-09 2004-08-18
Don Elliott 0926-10-21 1984-07-05
Ed Bickert 1932-11-29 2019-02-28
Don Thompson 1940-01-18
Jerry Fuller 1939-04-05 2002-07-13

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