Under the Sun - Paul Kelly and the Messengers

Stock Number
396 979
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 1988
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Dumb Things 00:02:41
2 Same Old Walk 00:04:14
3 Big Heart 00:03:31
4 Don't Stand So Close to the Window 00:02:33
5 Forty Miles to Saturday Night 00:03:14
6 Untouchable 00:02:05
7 Know Your Friends 00:03:42
8 To Her Door 00:03:20
9 Under the Sun 00:04:21
10 Desdemona 00:03:53
11 Happy Slave 00:02:29
12 Crosstown 00:02:24
13 Little Decisions 00:03:43
14 Bicentennial 00:03:04
Credit Sort descending Role
Alan Thorne engineer
Alan Thorne producer
Bob Vogt remix assistant
Chris Coyne tenor saz
Chris Wilson baritone sax
Chris Wilson harmonica
Chuck Beeson art direction
Jeff Gold art direction
Jessica Kenny lead vocal
Joe Camilieri tenor saz
Jon Schofield bass
Jon Schofield lead vocal
Kathy Nauton assistant engineer
Lucky Oceans pedal steel guitar
Martin Armiger producer
Michael Barclay drums
Michael Barclay lead vocal
Paul Kelly acoustic guitar
Paul Kelly lead vocal
Paul Kelly producer
Peter Bull keyboards
Peter Shea design
Scott Litt remix
Steve Connolly electric guitar
Steve Connolly lead vocal
Steven Miller tin whistle
Stuart Spence photography

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