5th Avenue Blue - Peter Pringle

Stock Number
SP 9072
A&M Records Canada
vinyl album, cassette album.
Released: 1982
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Rolling Gold 00:03:23
2 Outta My Sight 00:02:55
3 Fifth Avenue Blue 00:03:52
4 Why Did I Wait So Long 00:03:56
5 1st Love 00:03:28
6 Sudden Death 00:02:57
7 Deeper Then Love 00:03:00
8 Why We Do What We Do 00:02:46
9 Breakin' the Ice 00:02:35
10 Angeline 00:03:59
Credit Sort descending Role
Carlos Vega drums
Cliff Graham background vocal
Dave Lineley guitar
David Andoff art direction
David Holman mix
Don Gooch engineer
Gerry Corbetta background vocal
Gerry Polci background vocal
Greg Mathieson arranger
Greg Mathieson keyboards
Greg Mathieson synthesizer
Harry Hinde producer
Julia Waters background vocal
Kevin Nevison photography
Larry Lingle background vocal
Leland Sklar bass
Maxine Willard background vocal
Michael Boddicker synthesizer
Michelle Gruska background vocal
Mike Landau guitar
Mike Lkinge background vocal
Mike Reese mastering
Mindy Sterling background vocal
Pat Henderson background vocal
Patrick Von Weigandt engineer
Paul Sabu guitar
Paulinho da Costa percussion
Richard Deacon vocal
Tony D’Amico engineer

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