Never Gonna Let You Go - Reimy

Stock Number
VE 7020
VE 07021-A/B
Vendetta Records
United States
Released: 1989
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Never Gonna Let You Go (Club Mix) 00:06:58
2 Never Gonna Let You Go (Hot Mix) 00:04:40
3 Never Gonna Let You Go (Acid Mix) 00:08:16
4 Never Gonna Let You Go (Acid Beats) 00:03:45
5 Never Gonna Let You Go (Percapella) 00:02:25
Credit Sort descending Role
Butch Jones engineer
Butch Jones mix
Dave Darlington engineer
Douglas Breitbart executive producer
Eric Beall arranger
Hip Hop It Street Ensemble vocal
Matt Cavaluzzo assistant engineer
Pat Sweeting assistant engineer
Reimy vocal
Scott Blackwell engineer
Scott Blackwell mix
Scott Blackwell producer
Stephen Lunt arranger
Stephen Lunt producer
Steve Skinner drums
Steve Skinner keyboards
Tony Aiello alto sax
Tony Aiello tenor sax

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