London, England performed 21 concerts worldwide while associated with A&M Records. You can’t sort the list by city, concert venue or date.
Location Venue Date Sort ascending
London, England Earls Court Exhibition Centre 1977-6-23
Tokyo, Japan 1977-4-9
New York, NY Bottom Line 1976-9-9
Toronto, Canada El Mocambo 1976-12-13
Houston, TX Astrodome 1976-1-25
Passaic, NJ Capitol Theater 1976-1-14
Detroit, MI Masonic Temple 1976-11-12
New York, NY Bottom Lone 1976-9-12
Houston, TX Music Hall 1973-10-25
Clarkston, MI Pine Knob 1973-6-30
Scheessel, Germany Eichenring Sand Racetrack 1973-6-23
New York, NY Wollman Ice Rink 1973-7-13
College Park, MD University of Maryland 1973-8-10
London, England Crystal Palace Bowl 1972-6-3
Passaic, NJ Capitol Theater 1972-11-25
Montreux, Switzerland Pavilion 1972-6-25
Berkeley, CA Community Theater 1972-4-22
Newcastle Upon Tyne, England City Hall 1972-6-10
Asbury Park, NJ Convention Hall 1972-5-11
Williamsburg, VA University Hall 1972-4-8
Clarkston, MI Pine Knob 1972-8-7