Heartbreak Radio - Rita Coolidge

Stock Number
AMLH 63727
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1981
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Walk On In 00:03:24
2 One More Heartache 00:03:27
3 The Closer You Get 00:04:28
4 Wishin' and Hopin' 00:03:43
5 Heartbreak Radio 00:03:56
6 Man and a Woman 00:03:28
7 I Did My Part 00:04:05
8 Hold On (I Feel Our Love Is Changing) 00:04:58
9 Basic Lady 00:03:03
10 Stranger to Me Now 00:04:57
11 Take It Home 00:03:17
Credit Sort descending Role
Andrew Gold background vocal
Andrew Gold guitar
Andrew Gold keyboards
Andrew Gold percussion
Andrew Gold producer
Andrew Gold slide guitar
Bill Green horns
Bill Payne piano
Bob Glaub bass
Brock Walsh background vocal
Bruce Paulson horns
Cleopatra Kennedy choir
David Campbell horn arrangement
Dean Parks guitar
Fred Tackett guitar
Gordon Goodwin horns
J. D. Souther background vocal
James Gordon horns
Jeff Ayeroff art direction
Jeff Porcaro drums
Jerome Jumonville horn arrangement
Jerome Jumonville horns
Jim Horn sax
Jim Nipar engineer
Jim Nipar mix
Joel Peskin horns
Kenny Edwards background vocal
Kenny Edwards bass
Lee Thornburg horns
Leonard Castro choir
Margret Branch choir
Maureen McDonald background vocal
Michael Botts drums
Mike Utley organ
Mike Utley piano
Nick DeCaro accordion
Nicolette Larson background vocal
Paulette Brown choir
Petsye Powell choir
Rosemary Butler background vocal
Russ Kunkel drums
Sherlie Matthews choir
Steve Madaio horns
Tom Saviano horns
Venetta Fields choir
Waddy Wachtel guitar
William Smith choir

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