Misplaced Ideals - Sad Cafe

Stock Number
SP 69848
A&M Records
vinyl album, cassette album.
Recording Notes
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Restless 00:04:36
2 Here Come the Clowns 00:04:00
3 Run Home Girl 00:04:57
4 Black Rose 00:04:36
5 I Believe (Love Will Survive) 00:04:27
6 Babylon 00:03:40
7 Shellshock 00:03:12
8 Feel Like Dying 00:04:09
9 On With the Show 00:05:13
Credit Sort descending Role
Ashley Mulford guitar
Chuck Beeson design
Dave Hassel bell tree
Dave Hassel karkabas
Dorene Chanter background vocal
Hipgnosis photography
Ian Wilson guitar
Ian Wilson percussion
Ian Wilson vocal
Irene Chanter background vocal
John Punter engineer
John Punter percussion
John Punter producer
John Stimpson bass
John Stimpson guitar
John Stimpson vocal
Jon Wallis assistant engineer
Katherine Walter cover art
Lenni Zaksen sax
Lou Beach cover art
Mark Hanauer photography
Nigel Walker assistant engineer
Paul Young percussion
Paul Young vocal
Roland Young art direction
Tony Cresswell drums
Tony Cresswell percussion
Victor Emerson keyboards
Victor Emerson string arrangement
Victor Emerson strings

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