Brasil '86 - Sergio Mendes

Stock Number
UCCM 3089
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 2008-2 -27
Track Track Title Sort ascending Track Time
4 Your Smile 00:03:30
3 What Do We Mean to Each Other 00:04:35
5 The River (O Rio) 00:02:35
2 Take This Love 00:04:20
6 Nonstop 00:03:23
9 No Place to Hide 00:02:49
7 It Hurts a Whole Lot More 00:04:13
10 Here Where I Belong 00:02:07
8 Flower Of Bahia (Flor de Bahia) 00:04:19
1 Daylight 00:04:30
Credit Sort ascending Role
Tom Nordstrom illustration
Thom Perry engineer
Siedah Garrett background vocal
Siedah Garrett lead vocal
Sergio Mendes arranger
Sergio Mendes keyboards
Sergio Mendes producer
Sergio Mendes synclavier
Robin Beck background vocal
Philip Ingram background vocal
Phil Perry background vocal
Peter Wolf arranger
Peter Wolf keyboards
Peter Wolf producer
Peter Wolf synclavier
Paulinho da Costa percussion
Paul Ericksen engineer
Nathan East bass
Michael McDonald background vocal
Michael Bowman assistant engineer
Maxine Waters background vocal
Lisa Bevill arranger
Lisa Bevill background vocal
Lani Hall lead vocal
Kate Markowitz background vocal
Julia Waters background vocal
John Pisano acoustic guitar
Joe Pizzulo arranger
Joe Pizzulo background vocal
Joe Pizzulo lead vocal
Jeff Porcaro drums
Jeff Porcaro percussion
Gracinha Leporace lead vocal
Ernie Watts sax
Dori Caymmi acoustic guitar
Dori Caymmi arranger
Dori Caymmi lead vocal
David Bowman assistant engineer
Dan Huff guitar
Dan Garcia assistant engineer
Chuck Beeson art direction
Bruce Swedien engineer
Brian Malouf engineer
Bernie Grundman mastering
Alphonso Johnson bass

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