Elephant Show Record - Sharon, Lois & Bram

Stock Number
75029 1308
Elephant Records
United States
cassette album.
Released: 1990
Credit Sort descending Role
Atlanta Art & Design art direction
Bill Beecroft trombone
Bobby Brown accordion
Bobby Brown piano
Bram Morrison guitar
Bram Morrison vocal
Chad Irschick engineer
Chad Irschick mix
Chad Irschick producer
Charlie Gray trumpet
Dave Woods trumpet
Don Englert clarinet
Don Englert flute
Don Englert piccolo
Don Englert sax
Eric Nagler banjo
Eric Nagler mandolin
Eric Nagler psaltery
Eric Nagler washboard
Guido Luciani guitar
Henry Heillig bass
Joe Hampson arranger
John Mastromonaco photography
Lois Lillenstein vocal
Lorne Nehring drums
Matt Zimbel percussion
Molly Thom coordination
Paul Mills arranger
Paul Mills guitar
Paul Mills mix
Paul Mills producer
Peter Norman mastering
Ray Parker arranger
Ray Parker piano
Ray Parker synthesizer
Scott Irvine tuba
Sharon Hampson vocal

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