Do You Wonder - Shawn Phillips

Stock Number
GP 265
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1975
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Do You Wonder 00:02:57
2 Xasper 00:05:12
3 City to City 00:03:20
4 Blunt and Frank 00:02:49
5 Believe In Life 00:05:49
6 Maestoso 00:01:50
7 Intermezzo 00:01:12
8 Tristesse 00:03:37
9 Golden Flower 00:04:25
10 Looking At the Angel 00:04:51
11 Summer Vignette 00:04:53
Credit Sort descending Role
Ben Benay banjo
Ben Benay guitar
Bob Findley brass
Brandy Bento bass
Chuck Findley brass
Chuck Findley trombone
Don Menza sax
Ellis Sorkin assistant engineer
Ellis Sorkin engineer
Geoff Gillette mix assistant
Herbert Worthington photography
Jim Horn arranger
Jim Horn horn arrangement
Jim Horn sax
Jim Keltner drums
Joe Clayton congas
John Cabalka design
John Guerin drums
Jonathan Weston co-producer
Jonathan Weston producer
Julia Tillman background vocal
Junie Osaki design
Larry Forkner engineer
Leonard Koren photography
Luther Waters background vocal
Malcolm Cecil mastering
Malcolm Cecil mix
Max Bennett bass
Maxine Willard background vocal
Mike Baird drums
Oren Waters background vocal
Peter Robinson clavinet
Peter Robinson coordination
Peter Robinson engineering supervisor
Peter Robinson harpsichord
Peter Robinson piano
Peter Robinson synthesizer
Robben Ford guitar
Roland Young art direction
Shawn Phillips guitar
Shawn Phillips mix
Shawn Phillips producer
Shawn Phillips vocal
Smith Craig sound design

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