5 Classic Albums - Sheryl Crow

Stock Number
602537 570430
A&M Records
United States
CD album.
Released: 2013-11 -19
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Run, Baby, Run 00:04:53
2 Leaving Las Vegas 00:05:09
3 Strong Enough 00:03:10
4 Can't Cry Anymore 00:03:41
5 Solidify 00:04:08
6 The Na-Na Song 00:03:13
7 No One Said It Would Be Easy 00:05:29
8 What I Can Do For You 00:04:14
9 All I Wanna Do 00:04:33
10 We Do What We Can 00:05:39
11 I Shall Believe 00:05:34
12 My Favorite Mistake 00:04:08
13 There Goes the Neighborhood 00:05:01
14 Riverwide 00:04:07
15 It Don't Hurt 00:04:49
16 Maybe That's Something 00:04:17
17 Am I Getting Through, Parts 1 & 2 00:05:31
18 Anything But Down 00:04:17
19 The Difficult Kind 00:06:19
20 Mississippi 00:04:41
21 Members Only 00:04:57
22 Crash and Burn 00:06:41
23 Sweet Child o' Mine 00:08:35
24 CD-ROM Track 00:00:00
25 Steve McQueen 00:03:25
26 Soak Up the Sun 00:04:52
27 You're an Original 00:04:18
28 Safe and Sound 00:04:32
29 C'mon C'mon 00:04:45
30 It's So Easy 00:03:24
31 Over You 00:04:38
32 Lucky Kid 00:04:02
33 Diamond Road 00:04:09
34 It's Only Love 00:05:05
35 Abilene 00:04:05
36 Hole In My Pocket 00:04:37
37 Weather Channel 00:04:40
38 I Know Why 00:04:15
39 Perfect Lie 00:04:34
40 Good Is Good 00:04:18
41 Chances Are 00:05:16
42 Wallflower 00:03:57
43 Lifetimes 00:04:12
44 Letter to God 00:04:04
45 Live It Up 00:03:42
46 I Don't Wanna Know 00:04:28
47 Always On Your Side 00:04:15
48 Where Has All the Love Gone 00:03:40
49 God Bless This Mess 00:02:09
50 Shine Over Babylon 00:04:02
51 Love Is Free 00:03:22
52 Peace Be Upon Us 00:04:22
53 Gasoline 00:05:07
54 Out Of Our Heads 00:04:27
55 Detours 00:03:28
56 Now That You're Gone 00:03:51
57 Drink With the Thought Of You 00:02:38
58 Diamond Ring 00:04:10
59 Motivation 00:03:47
60 Make It Go Away (Radiation Song) 00:03:23
61 Love Is All There Is 00:04:01
62 Lullaby For Wyatt 00:04:07
Credit Sort descending Role
Abraham Laboriel, Jr. drums
Adrian Augustin assistant engineer
Andy Wallace mix
Antoine Silverman violin
Benmont Tench organ
Benmont Tench piano
Berj Garabedian violin
Bill Bottrell engineer
Bill Bottrell guitar
Bill Bottrell pedal steel guitar
Bill Bottrell producer
Blair Lamb engineer
Bob Clearmountain mix
Bobby Keys alto sax
Bobby Keys baritone sax
Bobby Keys tenor sax
Brad Jones bass
Brant Scott assistant engineer
Brendan Dekora assistant engineer
Brian MacLeod drums
Bruce Kaplan pedal steel guitar
Charlie Bisharat violin
Craig Ross guitar
Dan Chase drums
Dan Chase keyboards
Dan Chase percussion
Dan Chase programming
Dan McCarroll drums
Dan Rothchild bass
Dan Smith cello
Davey Faragher bass
David Baerwald guitar
David Campbell string arrangement
David Gold viola
David Schiffman mix
David Yellin cello
David Young assistant engineer
Debra Achufelt viola
Don Henley vocal
Douglas Green guitar
Douglas Green keyboards
Doyle Bramhall, II background vocal
Doyle Bramhall, II guitar
Emmylou Harris vocal
Eric Fritsch engineer
Evan Wilson viola
Greg Leisz guitar
Greg Leisz pedal steel guitar
Greg Williams drums
Greg Williams percussion
Gwyneth Paltrow vocal
Hiroko Taguchi violin
Howard Willing assistant engineer
Howard Willing mix assistant
Hulia Kent cello
Husky Hoskulds assistant engineer
Husky Hoskulds mix assistant
Jamie Muhoberac keyboards
Jane Scarpantoni cello
Jeff Anthony drum programming
Jeff Rothschild drum programming
Jeff Rothschild drums
Jeff Rothschild mix
Jeff Trott background vocal
Jeff Trott bass
Jeff Trott drum programming
Jeff Trott guitar
Jeff Trott piano
Jeff Trott producer
Jeff Trott synthesizer programming
Jeremy Stacey drums
Jeremy Stacey percussion
Jeremy Stacey piano
Jeremy Stacey string arrangement
Jeremy Stacey synthesizer
Jill Jaffe violin
Joan Wasser violin
Joe Denizon violin
Joel Derouin violin
John Shanks background vocal
John Shanks banjo
John Shanks bass
John Shanks drums
John Shanks guitar
John Shanks keyboards
John Shanks mix
John Shanks percussion
John Shanks producer
Joyce Hammann violin
Keefus Ciancia keyboards
Keefus Ciancia organ
Keith Schreiner drum programming
Keith Schreiner synthesizer programming
Ken Takahashi assistant engineer
Kent Smith trumpet
Kevin Gilbert bass
Kevin Gilbert drums
Kevin Gilbert guitar
Kevin Gilbert keyboards
Lenny Castro bongos
Lenny Castro drums
Lenny Castro percussion
Lenny Kravitz vocal
Liz Phair vocal
Lorenza Ponce string arrangement
Lorenza Ponce violin
Lynn Bechtold violin
Marti Sweet violin
Matt Brubeck cello
Matt Brubeck string arrangement
Matt Funes viola
Matt Tait engineer
Matthew Pierce violin
Michael Davis trombone
Michele Richards violin
Michelle Kinney cello
Mike Elizondo bass
Mitchell Froom string arrangement
Natalie Cummins violin
Natalie Maines vocal
Paul Peabody violin
Peter Stroud drums
Peter Stroud guitar
Peter Stroud organ
Rena Andon viola
Richard Dodd mix
Rick Rubin mix
Roger Manning piano
Ron Lawrence viola
Rudy Stein cello
Ryan Baesch assistant engineer
Scott Weiland producer
Shawn Pelton drums
Sheryl Crow accordion
Sheryl Crow bass
Sheryl Crow guitar
Sheryl Crow keyboards
Sheryl Crow orchestra
Sheryl Crow organ
Sheryl Crow percussion
Sheryl Crow piano
Sheryl Crow producer
Sheryl Crow vocal
Soozie Tyrell violin
Steve Jordan drums
Steve Jordan percussion
Steve Sisco mix assistant
Stevie Nicks vocal
Suzie Katayama cello
Tchad Blake mix
Tim Smith background vocal
Tim Smith bass
Tim Smith guitar
Toad Hall engineer
Toad Hall mix
Trina Shoemaker engineer
Val McCallum guitar
Wendy Melvoin guitar
Zaph Sowers assistant engineer

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