Simple Minds TV Show Appearances

Simple Minds guest appearances on television programs around the world. Following is a list of the shows with 48 results. You can sort by the name of the show and the date.
TV Show Date Sort ascending Notes
Cue the Music 1993-2-22 Part 2
Cue the Music 1993-2-15 Part 1
Arsenio Hall Show 1991-6-14
Arsenio Hall Show 1991-1-1 See the Lights/Don't You Forget About Me
Nelson Mandela: An International Tribute for a Free South Africa 1990-4-16
Top of the Pops 1989-12-25 Belfast Child
Top of the Pops 1989-7-27 Kick It In
Top of the Pops 1989-4-20 This Is Your Land
Top of the Pops 1989-2-23 Belfast Child
Top of the Pops 1989-2-16 Belfast Child
Rockline From London 1987-12-28 I Travel
Top of the Pops 1987-7-2 Promised You a Miracle
Top of the Pops 1987-6-25 Promised You a Miracle
Top of the Pops 1986-11-20 Ghostdancing
Top of the Pops 1986-11-13 Ghostdancing
Tube 1986-7-5
Top of the Pops 1986-1-30 Sanctify Yourself
Top of the Pops 1986-4-10 All the Things She Said
Top of the Pops 1985-4-18 Don't You (Forget About Me)
Top of the Pops 1985-10-10 Alive and Kicking
Saturday Night Live 1985-11-9 Alive and Kicking
Live Aid 1985
Flimra 1984-3-9
Top of the Pops 1984-3-29 Up On the Catwalk
Platine 45 1984-5-23
Rockpop In Concert 1984-8-24 Alive in Rotterdam/Come In Out of the Rain/Ghostdancing/Forget About Me (Don't Yo)/Book of Brilliant Things
Cote Ouest 1983-9-1
Oxford Road Show 1983-1-21 I Travel
American Bandstand 1983-5-28 Promised You a Miracle/Somewhere, Someone, Summertime
Tube 1983-12-9 New Gold Dream/The Hunter and the Hunted/Someone Somewhere In Summertime/The American
Generation 80 1983-12-3
Top of the Pops 1983-11-24 Waterfront
Late Night in Concert 1983-9-8
La Edad de Oro 1983-7-26
Top of the Pops 1982-4-15 Promised You a Miracle
Tube 1982-11-26 Up On the Catwalk/Waterfront/Book of Brilliant Things
Late Night in Concert 1982-11-20 Hunter and the Hunted/Glittering Prize/Someone Somewhere In summer/The American/Big Sleep/New Gold Dream
Top of the Pops 1982-10-7 Glittering Prize
Old Grey Whistle Test 1982-9-17 Hunter and the Hunted/Someone, Somewhere In Summertime
Top of the Pops 1982-9-16 Glittering Prize
Top of the Pops 1982-9-2 Glittering Prize
Rockpalast 1982-6-6 Love Song/Changelng/King Is White and In the Crowd/Sons and Fascination/Room/30 Frames a Second/Premonition/Sweating Bullets/Promised You a Miracle/I Travel/Celebrate/The American/Promised You a Miracle (reprise)
Top of the Pops 1982-5-13 Promised You a Miracle
Top of the Pops 1982-4-29 Promised You a Miracle
Zikk Zakk 1982-3-2
Night Flight profile
Rockin' in London Someone Somewhere in Summertime
Rockline From London Hunter and the Hunted