Simple Minds TV Show Appearances

Simple Minds made 48 guest appearances on television programs around the world. You can sort the table by the name of the television show, the date it aired or by country.

TV Show Date Sort ascending Notes
Cue the Music 1993-2-22 Part 2
Cue the Music 1993-2-15 Part 1
Arsenio Hall Show 1991-6-14
Arsenio Hall Show 1991-1-1 See the Lights/Don't You Forget About Me
Nelson Mandela: An International Tribute For a Free South Africa 1990-4-16
Top Of the Pops 1989-12-25 Belfast Child
Top Of the Pops 1989-7-27 Kick It In
Top Of the Pops 1989-4-20 This Is Your Land
Top Of the Pops 1989-2-23 Belfast Child
Top Of the Pops 1989-2-16 Belfast Child
Rockline From London 1987-12-28 I Travel
Top Of the Pops 1987-7-2 Promised You a Miracle
Top Of the Pops 1987-6-25 Promised You a Miracle
Top Of the Pops 1986-11-20 Ghostdancing
Top Of the Pops 1986-11-13 Ghostdancing
Tube 1986-7-5
Top Of the Pops 1986-1-30 Sanctify Yourself
Top Of the Pops 1986-4-10 All the Things She Said
Top Of the Pops 1985-4-18 Don't You (Forget About Me)
Top Of the Pops 1985-10-10 Alive and Kicking
Saturday Night Live 1985-11-9 Alive and Kicking
Live Aid 1985
Flimra 1984-3-9
Top Of the Pops 1984-3-29 Up On the Catwalk
Platine 45 1984-5-23
Rockpop In Concert 1984-8-24 Alive in Rotterdam/Come In Out of the Rain/Ghostdancing/Forget About Me (Don't Yo)/Book of Brilliant Things
Cote Ouest 1983-9-1
Oxford Road Show 1983-1-21 I Travel
American Bandstand 1983-5-28 Promised You a Miracle/Somewhere, Someone, Summertime
Tube 1983-12-9 New Gold Dream/The Hunter and the Hunted/Someone Somewhere In Summertime/The American
Generation 80 1983-12-3
Top Of the Pops 1983-11-24 Waterfront
Late Night In Concert 1983-9-8
La Edad de Oro 1983-7-26
Top Of the Pops 1982-4-15 Promised You a Miracle
Tube 1982-11-26 Up On the Catwalk/Waterfront/Book of Brilliant Things
Late Night In Concert 1982-11-20 Hunter and the Hunted/Glittering Prize/Someone Somewhere In summer/The American/Big Sleep/New Gold Dream
Top Of the Pops 1982-10-7 Glittering Prize
Old Grey Whistle Test 1982-9-17 Hunter and the Hunted/Someone, Somewhere In Summertime
Top Of the Pops 1982-9-16 Glittering Prize
Top Of the Pops 1982-9-2 Glittering Prize
Rockpalast 1982-6-6 Love Song/Changelng/King Is White and In the Crowd/Sons and Fascination/Room/30 Frames a Second/Premonition/Sweating Bullets/Promised You a Miracle/I Travel/Celebrate/The American/Promised You a Miracle (reprise)
Top Of the Pops 1982-5-13 Promised You a Miracle
Top Of the Pops 1982-4-29 Promised You a Miracle
Zikk Zakk 1982-3-2
Night Flight profile
Rockin' In London Someone Somewhere in Summertime
Rockline From London Hunter and the Hunted