Empire Records - Soundtrack

Stock Number
602527 961972
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album.
Released: 2012-4 -21
Recording Notes
Limited edition orange vinyl
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Til I Hear It From You 00:03:46
2 Liar 00:02:21
3 A Girl Like You 00:03:55
4 Free 00:04:24
5 Crazy Life 00:04:17
6 Bright As Yellow 00:03:32
7 Circle Of Friends 00:03:26
8 I Don't Want to Live Today 00:03:14
9 Whole Lotta Trouble 00:02:27
10 Ready, Steady, Go 00:03:05
11 What You Are 00:04:23
12 Nice Overalls 00:05:18
13 Here It Comes Again 00:02:41
14 The Ballad Of El Goodo 00:03:41
15 Sugarhigh 00:02:37
Credit Sort descending Role
Alex Reed engineer
Alex Reed mix
Alex Reed producer
Better Than Ezra producer
Bob Knickman associate music supervisor
Bradley Cook engineer
Bryce Goggin engineer
Bryce Goggin mix
Bryce Goggin producer
Chris Fuhrman engineer
Cracker producer
Daniel Lanois producer
Dave Collins mastering
Dennis Herring producer
Don Smith mix
Don Smith producer
Edwyn Collins engineer
Edwyn Collins mix
Edwyn Collins producer
Gavin MacKillop mix
Gavin MacKillop producer
Gil Norton mix
Gil Norton producer
Gin Blossoms producer
Jerry Harrison producer
John Hampton engineer
John Hampton mix
John Hampton producer
Jonathan McHugh executive producer
Jonnie Most mix
Karen Glauber music consultant
Karl Derfier engineer
Linda Dumoe engineer
Lisa Zambrano coordination
Lou Giordano engineer
Lou Giordano mix
Lou Giordano producer
Matt Wallace producer
Michael Douglass engineer
Michael Douglass mix
Michael Douglass producer
Mitchell Leib executive producer
Mitchell Leib music supervisor
Ric Wake executive producer
Rich Hasal engineer
Rick Kerr engineer
Rick Kerr mix
Rick Kerr producer
Robin Aube engineer
Roy Spong mix
Sally Boldt edit
Sebastian Lewsley engineer
Sebastian Lewsley mix
Shalom Aberle mix
Stephen Street producer
Tom Lord-Alge mix
Tony Phillips engineer
Tony Phillips mix

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