Come On and Zoom - Soundtrack

Stock Number
SP 3402
SP 3405--SP 3406
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album, cassette album, 8-track.
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Zoom - Theme 00:01:21
2 Stay All Night 00:02:03
3 Games 00:03:16
4 Lollipop Tree 00:03:25
5 Witches Brew 00:03:03
6 Michael, Row the Boat Ashore 00:02:40
7 I Believe in Music 00:02:45
8 Twinkle (a Mad Tea Party) 00:04:39
9 Piccolomini 00:02:48
10 Ballin' the Jack 00:02:06
11 Wishes 00:04:42
12 Fannee Doolee 00:02:20
13 Address Song - Sent It to Zoom! 00:00:49
14 Fannee Doolee (Answer) 00:00:28
15 Ubbi-Dubbi 00:01:06
16 Zoom Close 00:01:10
Credit Sort descending Role
Bob Rush photography
Dave Saltman bass
Dick Johnson flute
Dick Johnson soprano sax
Frank Nizzari baritone sax
Frank Nizzari soprano sax
Fred Buda percussion
Herb Pomeroy flugelhorn
Herb Pomeroy trumpet
Jack Medoff cover art
Jack Medoff design
John Chiodini banjo
John Chiodini guitar
John Nagy engineer
John Nagy producer
Lee Larrison violin
Nancy Jerome flute
Nancy Jerome piccolo
Newton Wayland arranger
Newton Wayland conductor
Newton Wayland keyboards
Newton Wayland producer
Phil Wilson trombone
Roland Young art direction
Ronald Feldman cello
Ronald Walunas assistant engineer
Sam Pilafian trombone
Sam Pilafian tuba
Tony Lada trombone

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