Rumble Fish - Stewart Copeland

Stock Number
AMLH 64983
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1983
Credit Sort descending Role
Art Krahble french horn
Bernie Grundman mastering
Bill Belknap engineer
Buell Neidlinger bass
Chuck Beeson art direction
Gordon Lyon tape operator
Hot Weather Films illustration
Jane O’Neal photography
Jeff Seitz technician
Jonney Jeronymides engineer
Kathy Morton engineer
Lory Westin french horn
Mel Martin sax
Michael Jacobs photography
Pavel Farkas contractor
Pavel Farkas strings
Richard Beggs engineer
Robin Yeager engineer
Stan Friedman trumpet
Stan Ridgway harmonica
Stan Ridgway synthesizer
Stan Ridgway vocal
Stewart Copeland banjo
Stewart Copeland bass
Stewart Copeland drums
Stewart Copeland guitar
Stewart Copeland kazoo
Stewart Copeland keyboards
Stewart Copeland percussion
Stewart Copeland piano
Stewart Copeland producer
Stewart Copeland synthesizer

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