The Living Sea - Sting

Stock Number
31454 0350
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 1995-10 -7
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Fragile 00:03:23
2 Why Should I Cry For You? 00:02:56
3 Cool Breeze 00:03:46
4 Mad About You 00:06:16
5 Ocean Waltz 00:03:05
6 One World (Not Three)/Love Is the Seventh 00:04:44
7 Why Should I Cry For You? 00:06:29
8 Saint Agnes and the Burning Train 00:02:42
9 Tides 00:03:07
10 Why Should I Cry For You? 00:06:56
11 Arrival 00:01:39
12 Jellyfish Lake 00:02:58
13 Fragile 00:03:51
Credit Sort descending Role
Alan Deremo bass
Ardeshur Farah guitar
Beth Wood vocal
Brent Lewis drums
Darryl Way producer
Jorge Strunz guitar
Marc Russo sax
Michael Hamilton guitar
Steve Wood producer
Steve Wood synthesizer
Steve Wood vocal
Tim Landers bass

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