The Soul Cages - Sting

Stock Number
UICY 91242
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 2008-12 -3
Recording Notes
SHM-CD, remastered
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Island Of Souls 00:06:41
2 All This Time 00:04:54
3 Mad About You 00:03:53
4 Why Should I Cry For You? 00:04:54
5 Jeremiah Blues, Pt. 2 00:04:46
6 Saint Agnes and the Burning Train 00:02:43
7 The Wild Wild Sea 00:06:41
8 The Soul Cages 00:05:52
9 When the Angels Fall 00:07:48
10 All This Time (video) 00:04:56
Credit Sort descending Role
Al Stone assistant engineer
Al Stone mix assistant
Bill Summers percussion
Bob Ludwig mastering
Branford Marsalis guitar
Branford Marsalis sax
Brian Cowleson assistant engineer
Brian Scheuble assistant engineer
Brian Scheuble mix assistant
Bruce Keene assistant engineer
Bruce Keene mix assistant
David Sancious keyboards
Dominic Miller guitar
Dominic Miller producer
Efren Herrera assistant engineer
Efren Herrera mix assistant
Guzman photography
Hugh Padgham engineer
Hugh Padgham mix
Hugh Padgham producer
Kathryn Tickell northumbrian pipes
Kathryn Tickell pipe
Kenny Kirkland keyboards
Kim Turner producer
Len Peltier design
Manu Katche drums
Munyungo Jackson percussion
Paola Paparelle oboe
Ray Cooper percussion
Richard Frankel design
Scott Willing assistant engineer
Simon Osborne assistant engineer
Simon Osborne mix assistant
Skip Burney percussion
Steven Campbell cover art
Sting arranger
Sting bass
Sting mandolin
Sting producer
Sting synclavier
Sting vocal
Tony Vacca percussion
Vinx percussion
Yves Jajaget assistant engineer
Yves Jajaget mix assistant

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