Symphonic Slam - Symphonic Slam

Stock Number
L 36113
A&M Records
New Zealand
vinyl album.
Released: 1976
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Universe 00:06:39
2 Everytime 00:04:22
3 Fold Back 00:02:48
4 I Won't Cry 00:02:51
5 Let It Grow 00:03:53
6 Modane Train 00:04:17
7 Times Run Short 00:02:46
8 Days 00:04:58
9 Summer Rain 00:01:54
10 How Do You Stand 00:04:55
Credit Sort descending Role
Colin MacDonald art direction
Colin MacDonald design
David Stone background vocal
David Stone keyboards
George Semkiw engineer
George Semkiw producer
John Lowery background vocal
John Lowery drums
Mati Klarwein painting
Mick Walsh assistant engineer
Ray Furlotte coordination
Timo Laine co-producer
Timo Laine guitar
Timo Laine synthesizer
Timo Laine vocal

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