Trip Shakespeare Concerts

Trip Shakespeare performed 52 concerts worldwide. You can sort the list by city, concert venue, or date.

Location Venue Date Sort ascending
Birmingham, AL Nick 1991-11-8
St. Louis, MO Mississippi Nights 1991-10-15
Madison, WI Barrymore Theater 1991-10-17
Toronto, Canada Lee’s Palace 1991-10-22
Cambridge, MA Nightstage 1991-10-24
Northampton, MA Iron Horse Music Hall 1991-10-25
Philadelphia, PA J. C. Dobbs 1991-10-26
Baltimore, MD Max’s On Broadway 1991-10-27
New York, NY Marquee 1991-10-30
Washington, DC 9:30 Club 1991-11-1
Nashville, TN Outer Limits 1991-11-3
Chapel Hill, NC Cat’s Cradle 1991-11-6
Atlanta, GA Variety Playhouse 1991-11-7
Champaign, IL Mabel’s 1991-10-13
Athens, GA 40 Watt Club 1991-11-9
Houston, TX Rockefellers 1991-11-14
Dallas, TX Trees 1991-11-16
Nashville, TN Ace of Clubs 1991-11-18
Cincinnati, OH Bogart’s 1991-11-20
Chicago, IL Cubby Bear 1991-11-21
Chicago, IL Cubby Bear 1991-11-22
Chicago, IL Cubby Bear 1991-11-23
Minneapolis, MN First Avenue 1991-11-25
Minneapolis, MN First Avenue 1991-11-26
Iowa City, IA Gabe’s Oasis 1991-11-27
Long Beach, CA Bogart’s 1991-12-12
Lake Forest, IL Lake Forest College 1991-10-12
Decorah, IA Luther College 1991-1-23
Appleton, WI Lawrence University 1991-5-18
Kansas City, MO Shadow 1991-7-17
Omaha, NE Ranch Bowl 1991-7-18
Minneapolis, MN First Avenue 1991-7-21
Minneapolis, MN Northern Lights 1991-9-6
Omaha, NE Ranch Bowl 1991-10-9
Lawrence, KS Liberty Hall 1991-10-10
Columbia, MO Blue Note 1991-10-11
Milwaukee, WI Toad Cafe 1990-3-8
Lawrence, KS Bottleneck 1990-2-10
Chicago, IL Lounge Ax 1990-3-9
Lawrence, KS Bottleneck 1990-4-19
New York, NY CBGB's 1990-5-15
Minneapolis, MN First Avenue & 7th St Entry 1990-6-10
Hollywood, CA Whisky 1990-6-26
Toronto, Canada Rivoli 1990-7-13
Washington, DC 9:30 Club 1990-7-26
Saint Peter, MN Gustavus Adolphus College 1990-10-13
Moorhead, MN Comstock Memorial Union Ballroom 1990-10-20
Northampton, MA Iron Horse Music Hall 1990-10-25
Lawrence, KS Bottleneck 1990-10-26
Chicago, IL Metro 1990-11-2
St. Paul, MN 1990-11-10
Minneapolis, MN Cabooze 1990-11-16