Under Milkwood

According to Cash Box, their A&M album Under Milkwood was produced by Toney Romeo's Wherefore Productions for Lionel Entertainment. It was slated for release in October 1969 on CTI Records but was never released commercially. Test pressings were made but are rare.

Cash Box also reported that the members of the group were Reilly, Doug Neilson, Richard Wilkins and Kenneth Whelpton. Richard Wilkins gave interviews and said he was a band member. However, when the Under Milkwood album was finally released on CD, it listed the people in the table below.



First Lionel Work Goes Into Release. Cash Box, September 27, 1969.

Recording Years / Label
1969 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
John Thornam 1969 vocal, guitar
Stephen Mallory 1969 guitar, vocal
Robert Mickalsky 1969 drums
David Turner, Jr. 1969 guitar, keyboards, vocal
Mike Lewthorne 1969 sax
Alphonse Barnet 1969 flute, harpsichord, trumpet
Name Birth Death
John Thornam
Stephen Mallory
Robert Mickalsky
David Turner, Jr.
Mike Lewthorne
Alphonse Barnet

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