Head First - Vertical Hold

Stock Number
31454 0333
A&M Records
CD album.
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Head First 00:04:46
2 Now That It's Over 00:06:19
3 Let Me Break It Down 00:04:41
4 Love Today 00:04:43
5 Spend Some Time 00:05:11
6 You Keep Giving Me 00:04:40
7 Sounds Of New York 00:03:45
8 Well I Guess You 00:03:57
9 Crash Course to Heartbreak 00:04:31
10 Morning After 00:04:02
11 Blue Skies 00:04:40
12 Pray 00:03:23
Credit Sort descending Role
Alex Blake bass
Angela Stone background vocal
Angela Stone vocal
Angela Stone vocal arrangement
Bob Power guitar
Bob Power mix
Chantay Savage background vocal
Charles Farrar arranger
Charles Farrar producer
Chaz Harper assistant engineer
Chaz Harper mix assistant
Chris Trevett engineer
Chris Trevett mix
Dave Collins mastering
David Bright arranger
David Bright drum programming
David Bright keyboards
David Bright synthesizer
David Inniss bass
Dexter Mativier assistant engineer
Dinji Brown engineer
Eliud Ortiz engineer
George Slatta engineer
George Spatta mix assistant
Gordon Mack, III engineer
Greg Skaff guitar
Ilene Weingard design
Itaal Shur arranger
Itaal Shur drum programming
Itaal Shur guitar
Itaal Shur keyboards
Itaal Shur producer
Itaal Shur synthesizer
Jerry Gonzalez trumpet
Jimmy Lee assistant engineer
Kedar Massenburg executive producer
Kedar Massenburg vocal arrangement
Kenyon Scott assistant engineer
Kevin Deane arranger
Kevin Deane drum programming
Kevin Deane keyboards
Kevin Deane producer
Kevin Deane synthesizer
Kyle West arranger
Kyle West drum programming
Kyle West keyboards
Kyle West producer
Kyle West synthesizer
Michael Archer arranger
Michael Archer background vocal
Michael Archer piano
Michael Archer vocal
Paul Logus engineer
Paul Logus mix
Ralph Rolle drums
Rick Fritz engineer
Robin Margolies mix
Ron Mulloy mix assistant
Russell Elevado mix
Sandra Brummels art direction
Steve Eigner assistant engineer
Steve Howard assistant engineer
Steve Hurley arranger
Steve Hurley drum programming
Steve Hurley keyboards
Steve Hurley producer
Steve Hurley synthesizer
Steve Sisco mix assistant
TAR photography
Tim Latham engineer
Todd Childress assistant engineer
Tony Maserati mix
Troy Taylor arranger
Troy Taylor producer
Vertical Hold producer
Willie Bruno, II arranger
Willie Bruno, II keyboards
Willie Bruno, II synthesizer
Willie Bruno, II vibraphone
Willie Bruno, II vocal arrangement

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