Noresco In Co-Operation With A&M Records

Stock Number
DN 1
A&M Records
Released: 1973
Artist Track Sort descending Title Time
Keith Hampshire 1 Big Time Operator 00:00:00
Keith Hampshire 2 The First Cut Is the Deepest 00:00:00
Valdy 3 Rock and Roll Song 00:00:00
Valdy 4 Simple Life 00:00:00
Lorence Hud 5 Sign Of the Gypsy Queen 00:00:00
Lorence Hud 6 Guilty Of Rock and Roll 00:00:00
Charity Brown 7 Jimmy Mack 00:00:00
Bruce Miller 8 Anna Marie 00:00:00
Ian Tyson 9 Love Can Bless the Soul 00:00:00
Ian Tyson 10 Great Canadian Tour 00:00:00
Linda Brown 11 Empty Closets 00:00:00

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