A&M Fusion Super Best

Stock Number
D32Y 3100
A&M Records
Released: 1986-11 -5
Artist Track Sort descending Title Time
Herb Alpert 1 Rise (album version) 00:00:00
Herb Alpert 2 Wild Romance 00:00:00
Neil Larsen 3 Emerald City 00:00:00
Chuck Mangione 4 Feels So Good (album version) 00:00:00
Quincy Jones 5 Ai No Corrida 00:00:00
Sergio Mendes 6 Si Senor 00:00:00
Gato Barbieri 7 She Is Michelle 00:00:00
George Benson 8 Shape Of Things to Come 00:00:00
Wes Montgomery 9 Road Song 00:00:00

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