Special Digest Album

Stock Number
DY 4608-4
A&M Records
Artist Track Sort descending Title Time
Shawn Phillips 1 She Was Waiting For Her Mother At the Station In Torino and You Know I Love You Baby But It's Getting Too Heavy to Laugh  00:00:00
Shawn Phillips 2 Keep On  00:00:00
Shawn Phillips 3 The Ballad Of Casey Deiss  00:00:00
Shawn Phillips 4 Lookin' Up Lookin' Down  00:00:00
Carole King 5 Tapestry  00:00:00
Carole King 6 Up On the Roof  00:00:00
Sixto Rodriguez 7 Rich Folks Hoax  00:00:00
Cat Stevens 8 Father & Son  00:00:00
Cat Stevens 9 Sad Lisa  00:00:00
Cat Stevens 10 Lady D'Arbanville  00:00:00
Cat Stevens 11 Wild World  00:00:00
Emitt Rhodes 12 Mother Earth  00:00:00
Emitt Rhodes 13 The Man He Was  00:00:00
Emitt Rhodes 14 Take a Moment 00:00:00

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