Dance the House 12" Remixes

Stock Number
PCCY 10106
A&M Records
Released: 1990-4 -21
Artist Track Sort descending Title Time
Seduction 1 Two to Make It Right (The Cole/Clivilles Club Mix) 00:06:24
Arthur Baker and the Backbeat Disciples 2 The Message Is Love (12" Cupid Mix) 00:07:06
Randy & the Gypsys 3 Love You Honey (12" Remix) 00:06:37
Shirley Lewis 4 Realistic (Oh! Really Mix) 00:08:130
Foster Sylvers & Hy-Tech 5 I'll Do It (Larr's Hyde 12") 00:05:26
Shirley Lewis 6 You Cant Hide (Hide and Seek Mix) 00:08:05
Barry White 7 I Wanna Do It Good to Ya (Monster Remix Long Version) 00:07:34
Randy & the Gypsys 8 Perpetrators (Extended) 00:06:47
Seduction 9 True Love (Club Mix) 00:07:42

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