The Story Of Naomi Uemura

Stock Number
WHP 28041
Windham Hill Records
Artist Track Sort descending Title Time
Michael Hedges 1 Because It's There 00:03:02
Philip Aaberg 2 Theme For Naomi Uemura 00:03:08
Philip Aaberg 3 Downhill 00:04:36
Philip Aaberg 4 When It Snows 00:01:21
William Ackerman 5 The Shape Of the Land 00:03:19
Philip Aaberg 6 Kimiko 00:04:20
William Ackerman 7 Processional 00:03:54
Philip Aaberg 8 Come Back 00:04:19
Malcolm Dalglish 9 The Ice Bear 00:02:33
Philip Aaberg 10 Aurora/Nevermore 00:04:16
Philip Aaberg 11 Requiem For a Mountain Climber 00:04:34

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