A&M the Urban Side

Stock Number
31454 8072
A&M Records
United States
Released: 1998
Artist Track Sort descending Title Time
Barry White 1 Introduction from Barry White 00:00:00
Public Announcement 2 Body Bumpin (Yippie-Yi-O) (LP Version) 00:04:34
Ice Cube 3 We Be Clubbin' (Clean Version) 00:04:48
Rufus Blaq 4 Make It Hot (LPVersion) 00:03:32
Son of Eve 5 Sun Don't Shine (LP Version) 00:03:31
Smooth 6 Strawberries (Radio Edit) 00:04:12
Changing Faces 7 Same Tempo (LP Version) 00:04:54
Billy Porter 8 Borrowed Time (Erick Sermon Remix) 00:03:52
Smooth 9 Anything I Like 00:04:35
Son of Eve 10 Moon Spice (LP Version) 00:02:57
Rufus Blaq 11 Out Of Sight (Yo) (LP Version) 00:03:44
Smooth 12 He Thinks She Don't Know (LP Version) 00:03:55
Billy Porter 13 I'll Do Anything (LP Version) 00:05:01
Public Announcement 14 Body Bumpin (Yippie-Yi-O) (Mike Dunn's Deep Soul Mix) 00:08:06

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