No Wave

Stock Number
PR 4738
A&M Records
United States
Released: 1978
Recording Notes
15,000 picture discs. Radio station copies were sent in clear plastic sleeves with clear blue vinyl.
Artist Track Sort descending Title Time
U.K. Squeeze 1 Take Me I'm Yours 00:00:00
Police 2 Roxanne 00:00:00
Joe Jackson 3 Got the Time 00:00:00
Klark Kent 4 Don't Care 00:00:00
Secret 5 I'm Alive 00:00:00
Stranglers 6 Bring On the Nubiles 00:00:00
U.K. Squeeze 7 Strong In Reason 00:00:00
Joe Jackson 8 Sunday Papers 00:00:00
Dickies 9 Give It Back 00:00:00
Police 10 Next to You 00:00:00
Stranglers 11 Nice 'n' Sleazy 00:00:00
Dickies 12 You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla) 00:00:00

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