They Come to America

Stock Number
WR 8334
WR 08334-A/B
Word Records
United States
Released: 1986-6
Artist Track Sort descending Title Time
Leonard Bernstein with New York Philharmonic Orchestra 1 Fanfare For the Common Man 00:01:59
Wintley Phipps 2 Thank You, America 00:04:02
Betty Buckley 3 Last Night I Dreamed 00:04:11
Bill Champlin 4 Liberty Light 00:04:06
Glen Campbell 5 Another Day in America 00:04:04
Marie Osmond 6 America Is 00:04:06
Sandi Patti 7 Star Spangled Banner 00:05:42
Mark Isham 8 On the Threshold Of Liberty 00:04:02
Kate Smith 9 God Bless America 00:01:58
Dobie Gray 10 It's High Time 00:04:04
Will D. Campbell 11 Let America Be America Again 00:00:00

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