All For a Reason - Alessi

Stock Number
31C 064 60938
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1977
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 All For a Reason 00:03:54
2 Love to Have Your Love 00:03:27
3 Farewell 00:01:55
4 Avalon 00:03:18
5 Air Cushion 00:04:32
6 London 00:03:53
7 Hate to Be In Love 00:02:51
8 You Can Crowd 00:03:23
9 Make It Last 00:04:13
10 Here Again 00:09:02
Credit Sort descending Role
Alan Rubin horns
Billy Alessi associate producer
Billy Alessi background vocal
Billy Alessi keyboards
Billy Alessi lead vocal
Billy Alessi piano
Bobby Alessi associate producer
Bobby Alessi background vocal
Bobby Alessi guitar
Bobby Alessi lead vocal
Brian Scott engineer
Chuck Beeson design
Clay Hutchinson engineer
David Lucas producer
David Sanborn horns
Eric Jacobs photography
George Young horns
Joe DeAngeles horns
Kevin Herron engineer
Michael Brecker horns
Michael Getlin engineer
Peter Henderson engineer
Randy Brecker horns
Roland Young art direction
Ronnie Cuber horns
Wayne Andre horns

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