Arthur Baker

"My ambitions have always been centered on being a writer and producer...on some of the projects I've done before for other artists, I've felt held back by just producing since I've always considered myself a songwriter as much as anything."

Baker released recordings for A&M Records, Ltd. and its imprint Breakout in Britain under the name Wally Jump, Jr. "Tighten Up" and "A Love Supreme" were top 10 hits in Britain.

Of his album Merge Baker told Billboard, "'Merge' is an advertisement for my skills as a songwriter and producer and will hopefully attract some great groups to work with." "I had a concept--to use different singers to fit the songs and to introduce new talent."

  1. Disciple Arthur Baker Is Back on the Beat. David Nathan. Billboard, November 18, 1989, 30.
Recording Years / Label
1989 -  A&M Records

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