Ben Sidran

Ben Sidran recorded On the Cool Side in Minneapolis. He told Billboard, "For years, they've been doing something special there. I wound up using the engineer who's done Prince's records, and I learned that the 'magic' you hear in things cut there has more to do with people than machines. A lot of it is making do with what you've got. They don't have a high-tech studio there, so they have to use a lot of out board electronic devices to solve problems."


Ben Sidran: The Cat In the Hat

  1. Ben Sidran Turns Himself On. Sam Sutherland. Billboard, December 7, 1985.
Recording Years / Label
1979 -  Horizon Records
1985-1986 -  Magenta Records
1986-1988 -  Windham Hill Records
1985-1988 -  A&M Records
1985-1986 - 
guitar, keyboards

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