Boy Meets Girl - Boy Meets Girl

Stock Number
395 046
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1985
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Oh Girl 00:04:18
2 Don't Tell Me We Have Nothing 00:04:01
3 The Touch 00:03:55
4 Kissing, Falling, Flying 00:03:34
5 From Now On 00:04:48
6 Be My Baby 00:03:45
7 In Your Eyes 00:04:08
8 I Wish You Were Here 00:03:36
9 Pieces 00:04:08
10 Premonitions 00:04:46
Credit Sort descending Role
Eric Williams guitar
Gary Herbig sax
Gary Ladinsky engineer
George Hawkins background vocal
George Marino mastering
George Merrill DMX
George Merrill DX-7
George Merrill keyboard programming
George Merrill lead vocal
George Merrill midi
George Merrill P-8
Hutch Hutchinson assistant engineer
John Batdorf background vocal
John Goux guitar
John Morton guitar
Jon Joyce background vocal
Kyle Henderson bass
Leon Gaer bass
Matt Brady assistant engineer
Michael Hodgson art direction
Michael Hodgson design
Michael Jochum drums
Norman Seeff photography
Paul Jackson, Jr. guitar
Richard Frankel art direction
Richard Gibbs emulator
Richard Gibbs vocoder
Scott Shelly guitar
Shannon Rubicam lead vocal
Steve Forman percussion
Susan Boyd background vocal
Thom Bell background vocal
Tom Werman percussion
Tom Werman producer

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