All That Jazz - Breathe

Stock Number
Virgin Records
CD album.
Released: 1987
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Jonah 00:04:49
2 All That Jazz 00:04:10
3 Monday Morning Blues 00:03:58
4 Hands to Heaven 00:04:18
5 All This I Should Have Known 00:03:57
6 Any Trick 00:04:00
7 Liberties Of Love 00:03:30
8 Won't You Come Back? 00:05:58
9 Don't Tell Me Lies 00:03:39
10 How Can I Fall? 00:04:41
Credit Sort descending Role
Bob Sargeant producer
Chris Porter engineer
Chris Porter mix
Chris Porter producer
David Glasper lead vocal
Ian Spice drums
John Gallen engineer
John Madden engineer
John Morales mix
Marcus Lillington guitar
Michael Brauer mix
Michael Delahunty bass

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