Dancing In the Dragon’s Jaws - Bruce Cockburn

Stock Number
SP 3276
SP 03277-A/B
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album.
Recording Notes
Gold Mountain Ltd.
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Creation Dream 00:04:00
2 Hills Of Morning 00:04:25
3 Badlands Flashback 00:06:12
4 Northern Lights 00:04:06
5 After the Rain 00:03:59
6 Wondering Where the Lions Are 00:03:42
7 Incandescent Blue 00:04:35
8 No Footprints 00:05:38
Credit Sort descending Role
Bart Schoales art direction
Ben Bow background vocal
Ben Bow drums
Bob DiSalle drums
Bruce Cockburn chimes
Bruce Cockburn dulcimer
Bruce Cockburn guitar
Bruce Cockburn synthesizer
Bruce Cockburn vocal
Christopher Dew photography
Eugene Martynec producer
Finkelstein Fiedler Co. design
Frank Kitson assistant engineer
Gary Gray engineer
Larry Silvera background vocal
Larry Silvera bass
Norval Morrisseau painting
Pat Godfrey marimba
Pat Godfrey piano
Robert Boucher bass

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