Anthology - Bryan Adams

Stock Number
602498 758007
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 2005
Recording Notes
2 CDs
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Remember 00:03:42
2 Lonely Nights 00:03:48
3 Straight From the Heart 00:03:32
4 Cuts Like a Knife 00:05:17
5 This Time 00:03:21
6 Run to You 00:03:55
7 Somebody 00:04:44
8 Heaven 00:04:05
9 Summer Of '69 00:03:37
10 One Night Love Affair 00:04:34
11 It's Only Love 00:03:16
12 Heat Of the Night 00:05:08
13 Hearts On Fire 00:03:31
14 I Do It For You (Everything I Do) 00:06:35
15 Can't Stop This Thing We Started 00:04:30
16 There Will Never Be Another Tonight 00:04:41
17 Thought I'd Died and Gone to Heaven 00:05:50
18 All I Want Is You 00:05:20
19 Please Forgive Me 00:05:55
20 All For Love 00:04:43
21 Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman? 00:04:53
22 Rock Steady (live) 00:04:06
23 The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You 00:03:39
24 Let's Make a Night to Remember 00:06:20
25 Star 00:03:42
26 Back to You (live) 00:04:41
27 I'm Ready (live) 00:04:29
28 On a Day Like Today 00:03:29
29 When You’re Gone 00:03:25
30 Cloud Number Nine (Chicane Mix) 00:04:11
31 The Best Of Me 00:03:31
32 Here I Am 00:04:46
33 Open Road 00:03:30
34 18 Til I Die (Live In Lisbon) 00:04:05
35 When You're Gone 00:03:41
36 So Far So Good 00:03:03
Credit Sort descending Role
Avril Mackintosh mix assistant
Ben Dobie engineer
Bill Payne organ
Bill Payne piano
Bob Buckley string arrangement
Bob Clearmountain background vocal
Bob Clearmountain engineer
Bob Clearmountain mix
Bob Clearmountain producer
Bob Rock producer
Bobby Schaper mix
Brandon Duncan mix assistant
Brian Stanley bass
Bruce Adams background vocal
Bruce Fairbairn horns
Bruce Lampcov mix assistant
Bryan Adams background vocal
Bryan Adams dobro
Bryan Adams guitar
Bryan Adams harmonica
Bryan Adams piano
Bryan Adams producer
Bryan Adams vocal
Bryan Gallant assistant engineer
Chris Potter mix assistant
Daniel Bekerman engineer
Danny Cummings background vocal
Danny Cummings percussion
Dave Hewitt engineer
Dave Munday string arrangement
Dave Taylor background vocal
Dave Taylor bass
David Paich organ
David Paich piano
Davy Spillane whistle
Dean Maher mix assistant
Garry Rindfuss assistant engineer
Garry Rindfuss mix assistant
Gary Breit organ
Gary Breit piano
James Hutchinson bass
Jeff Hendrickson assistant engineer
Jim Vallance associate producer
Jim Vallance bass
Jim Vallance drums
Jim Vallance guitar
Jim Vallance organ
Jim Vallance percussion
Jim Vallance producer
Jimmy Jam keyboards
Jimmy Jam producer
Jimmy Jam programming
Jimmy Wesley background vocal
Joao Escada engineer
John Eddie vocal
Julliard School orchestra
K. Davies background vocal
Keith Scott background vocal
Keith Scott dobro
Keith Scott guitar
Keith Scott mandolin
Keith Thomas guitar
Ken Lomas engineer
Kevin Globerman engineer
Kevin Harp mix assistant
Kirk McNally assistant engineer
L. Frenette background vocal
Larry Klein bass
Lou Gramm background vocal
M. Simpson background vocal
Mark Doyle background vocal
Michael Kamen arranger
Michael Kamen conductor
Michael Kamen piano
Michel Sauvage mix assistant
Mickey Curry background vocal
Mickey Curry drums
Mike Fraser assistant engineer
Mutt Lange background vocal
Mutt Lange producer
Nancy Nash background vocal
Nick Bracegirdle keyboards
Nick Bracegirdle mix
Nick Bracegirdle programming
Nick Bracegirdle remix
Nigel Green engineer
Norm Fisher bass
Olle Romo engineer
Olle Romo keyboards
Olle Romo percussion
Olle Romo programming
Pat Steward drums
Patrick Leonard arranger
Patrick Leonard producer
Paul Northfield assistant engineer
Peter Bjerring synthesizer
Phil Gitomer assistant engineer
Phil Nicholas keyboards
Phil Nicholas programming
Phil Thornalley bass
Phil Thornalley guitar
Phil Thornalley producer
Phil Thornalley string arrangement
Phil Western keyboards
Phil Western mix assistant
Ralph Eppel horns
Randy Staub engineer
Richard Moakes mix assistant
Rob Sabino keyboards
Robbie King organ
Robby Whelan assistant engineer
Ron Obvious engineer
Ron Vermeulen mix
Steve Hodge engineer
Steve Jackson engineer
Terry Lewis keyboards
Terry Lewis producer
Terry Lewis programming
Tim Crich engineer
Tina Turner vocal
Tom Keenlyside horns
Tommy Mandel accordion
Tommy Mandel keyboards
Tommy Mandel organ
Tommy Mandel piano
Yan Memmi assistant engineer

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