Strong Medicine - Bryan Duncan

Stock Number
WR 8435
WR 08435-A/B
Word Records
United States
vinyl album.
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Let Me Be Broken 00:04:13
2 Recognize a Lover from a Thief 00:04:21
3 Stand In My Place 00:04:19
4 Strong Medicine 00:05:08
5 Don't Ya Wanna Rap 00:03:34
6 Inside Out 00:04:26
7 Lies Upon Lies 00:03:00
8 Hand It Over 00:04:15
9 Wonderful 00:03:52
Credit Sort descending Role
Bernie Grundman mastering
Bob Carlisle arranger
Bob Carlisle vocal
Bryan Duncan arranger
Bryan Duncan director
Bryan Duncan keyboards
Bryan Duncan vocal
Chuck Barth arranger
Chuck Barth bass
Chuck Barth drums
Chuck Barth engineer
Chuck Barth keyboards
Chuck Barth percussion
Chuck Barth producer
Dave Romero percussion
Edna Wright vocal
Glen Myerscough sax
Jeff Park engineer
John Hobbs piano
Karl Denson sax
Kirk Cappello keyboards
Kirk Cappello programming
Larry Brown arranger
Larry Brown engineer
Larry Brown producer
Lawrence Brown engineer
Lawrence Brown producer
Mark Kibble vocal
Mervyn Warren arranger
Mervyn Warren vocal
Phyllis St. James vocal
Randy Thomas guitar
Ron Anderson vocal director
Stanley Behrens harmonica
Steve Bailey bass
Stew Ivester photography

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